Automated Grain Storage Monitoring System

The automated grain monitoring system from OPI, enables remote grain storage data collection

The automated grain monitoring system from OPI, enables remote grain storage data collection.

Skyway uses an automated grain storage monitoring system from OPI Systems, the StorMax Temperature Monitoring System.

The StorMax monitor collects all of the data in seconds from individual bins or an entire storage facility. All of the data is retained in the on board memory and it can also be downloaded to your PC.

The system can also be linked directly to StorMax Pro, an automated PC-based system that allows you to monitor grain temperature 24/7, sounds an alarm if grain temperature reaches a critical degree, and automatically controls aeration and drying equipment, based on grain temperature and weather conditions.

StorMax is also designed to connect to an expanding range of components, such as in-store grain moisture and electronic insect detection. The system can grow with your operation.

Automated Grain Bin Monitoring from Your Home

OPI Systems makes it possible to gather and analyse all of your bin monitoring data from 20 miles away! With their PC-Based Monitoring and Control Systems you can have the data relayed to your home computer and control everything that goes on at the bin site from there. The OPI Graphical Interface Monitoring and Alarms, (OPIGIMA) allows you to gather and transmit data about the state of you stored grain.

Data is sent out from this wireless transmitter to your PC

Data is sent out from this wireless transmitter to your PC.

The OPIGIMA monitor and Alarms for:

In addition to monitoring your stored grain, you can be proactive about grain storage management, with the OPIGIMAC control system. OPIGIMAC allows you to take action to respond to the data you collect from your monitoring system.

OPIGIMAC adds automated control of:

A bin side Weather Station measures ambient Relative Humidity and Temperature as input to control grain moisture and temperature. Controls can be set to give an alarm when any grain storage parameter is breached so that corrective action can be taken immediately.

OPIGIMAC has a 2-D graph screen showing history of temperature, moisture, fan/heater run-time, and everything else.

The Wireless option has a range up to 20 miles so no matter how remote the grain bin is from your PC, data is always at your fingertips.

Weather data is incorporated into monitoring calculations

Weather data is incorporated into monitoring calculations.

OPIGIMAC Aeration Model

Use the OPIGIMAC modeling program to;

And last, but not least, you don't have to start over with StorMax. Your existing system can be retrofitted by adding StorMax adapters.

Automated Monitoring Alarm and Controls

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