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Bucket ElevatorBucket Elevator

Skyway Grain Systems has been using bucket elevators to anchor grain handling systems since they began to build them 30 years ago. From small one-man operations with a grain leg and a couple of grain bins to major grain handling facilities like the Dreyfus Grain Terminals, Skyway has built their expertise to deliver the right piece of equipment to get the job done efficiently and at a cost you can afford.

Bucket elevators come in a variety of sizes with features that vary from the heavy duty models required for wheat and corn, to the gentle handling models required for softer crops like lentils, peas and pulse crops.

Skyway can supply bucket elevators with a variety of features to fit specific situations.


  • Pillow block roller bearings with horizontal and vertical adjusting
  • Split style hood allows for easy interior accessibility
  • Abrasion-resistant discharge lining options
  • Dual screw motor mount adjustment for longer belt life and proper tensioning
  • Inspection ports
  • UV resistant HDPE dust seals
  • Adjustable throat wiper


  • Squaring plates align trunking and eliminate twisted trunk sections
  • Bolted 10 – 16 gauge galvanized steel and stainless steel as an option
  • Heavy welded frame with large removable panels on inspection section
  • Corrosion prevention silicon bronze MIG wire used to weld flanges to trunking
  • Heavy-duty plastic buckets
  • Inspection section facilitates belt and splice installation
  • Sliding view port can be placed in two positions on inspection section
  • Standard PVG belt with a rubber model available


  • Corrosion resistant Acme screw take-up
  • Optional configurations: cleanout drawer, self-cleaning, gravity take-up
  • Removable cleanout ends
  • 8-14 gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Belt tension adjuster improves belt’s traction and life
  • Large, easy, tool-free access doors with a unique spring latch
  • UV resistant HDPE dust seals
  • Self-cleaning and adjustable boot drum
  • Head and boot have heavy 1/4” structural frame
  • Bolted construction for easy repair and replacement

In addition to standard grain legs, Skyway can supply specialized models for situations where a commercial-type elevator is required, or a model that will treat your seed in a manner that minimizes seed damage and results in better overall seed grade.


Gentle seed handling galvanized bucket elevators are designed to prevent damage to delicate crops like lentils, peas and pulse crops. This is accomplished by using slower shaft speeds that result in seed being dropped into the discharge rather than throwing it. Discharge lining options include UHMW, A.R. steel, Urethane, or custom options. The boot on the gentle seed elevator has removable cleanout ends, with optional configurations including cleanout drawer, self-cleaning, and gravity take-up.

If your operation requires a commercial level bucket elevator, Skyway can also supply that.


Commercial galvanized bucket elevators range in capacity from 10,000 to 40,000 bushels per hour. All of the equipment is CAD designed and CNC produced. Many options and accessories can be added to completely customize your equipment to suit your application.

Some of the feature in addition to or instead of standard elements you can expect from this commercial line are:

  • 1/2″ steel plate low placed motor mount
  • A.R. steel curved top head liner
  • 12 gauge trunking
  • Winged boot pulley
  • Shovel pocket door in boot
  • Hinged inspection doors on head
  • Trunk cross-bracing
  • Tie-angle trunking connections
  • Discharge lining options : UHMW, A.R. steel, Urethane, etc.