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Good design is crucial to the quality and strength of bulk storage tanks, and Sukup has the best design in the industry. The key to good design is the demanding tolerances and exacting standards from the machines used in manufacturing these bins. Sukup's manufacturing equipment is the newest, most advanced production equipment in the industry. The resulting quality super-sized bins are offered with a 5-Year Limited Warranty, the best in the business.

Custom Grain Handling SystemsCustom Grain Handling Systems

High Strength Sidewall Sheets and Bin Stiffeners

Sidewall sheets are made of high-strength steel, a minimum of 65,000 psi and up to 75,000 psi tensile strength to provide better vertical load carrying capacity. The 4" wide corrugations on sidewall sheets create less resistance and friction to allow grain to flow more easily. Sidewall sheets are 44" high, so there are fewer rings, seams and bolts than bins with 32" sidewalls.

All bolts are JS 500 coated, SAE Grade 8.2. Sidewall sheets 15 gauge and heavier are double bolted on the peak and valley for increased connection strength and a tighter seal.

Commercial tank stiffeners are made from 65,000 psi tensile strength steel and are computer engineered specifically to make them the strongest on the market. External bin stiffeners provide excellent support and prevent the accumulation of grain and the resulting spoilage that can occur with internal stiffeners. Wind rings are used to provide greater rigidity to Commercial Bins when they are empty.

Strongest Bin Roof

Sukup Commercial Bin RoofSukup Commercial Bin Roof

These bins are available in sizes up to 700,000 bushel, 105' diameter, 15,000 and 30,000 lb. roof peak load ratings, standard roof rings, and a variety of roof options. Designed to withstand 40 lb/ft2 ground snow load and 90 mph gust wind speeds, seismic rated bins are also available. The strength of the 30,000 lb. Sukup roof comes from double C-shaped channels forming I-beam rafters with C-shaped purlins. All rafters and purlins are manufactured as a single piece from 65,000 psi steel with the most-advanced roll-forming equipment in the industry. The roll-forming process includes a step to rigidize the full length of the roof panels every 4" to increase the stiffness of the panels, making them easier to handle.

Sukup uses serrated flange nuts to join and secure roof panels. The flange makes erection easier and quicker and the serrations grip the roof surface and prevent the nuts from working loose over time.5,000 and 30,000 lb. Sukup commercial roofs come equipped with a 1/4" thick, 60" diameter, diamond deck steel peak lid that provides a solid base for conveying equipment or fill spouts. The diamond decking provides a non-slip surface for improved worker safety. The lid can be cut on-site to match your conveyor or down spout requirements.

Sukup offers three styles of roof vents: 18" fixed screen, 18" hinged damper or 24" power roof exhausters. Pre-punching the vent holes produces an extra tall (1 1/8"), extruded lip that works as a barrier, preventing moisture from leaking into the tank through the vent opening.

Optional Side Draw System

The optional Side Draw Systems allow you to draw grain off the sides of the upper sidewalls and are available on Sukup Commercial Bins 18' dia., 7 rings through 105' dia., 25 rings. This system of unloading allows grain to be discharged using gravity, rather than electricity, saving you money. Side Draws have 12" openings and are equipped with baffles, down spout and rack and pinion.

Grain Storage Tank Features

Sukup's taller commercial grain bins are equipped with a 26.5" diameter door, the largest round door in the industry. The doors are reversible for left or right-hand operation.

A 44", single-ring door is available on shorter Commercial Bins. When open, the inner panels can lay flat against the sidewall.

Sukup has available ladders, cages, landing platforms and stairs. Ladders feature continuous handrails and rungs that are securely fastened, so they can't turn. Cages are also available for outside ladders for increased safety.

Bin Foundations