Hopper Cone Bottom Bins from Wheatland

Wheatland cone bottom bins are the industry standard for quality construction. Wheatland is a proven leader in both the agricultural and commercial storage industry. Whether you are constructing a seed cleaning plant, feedmill, micro-brewery or a fertilizer blending plant, Wheatland has the answer.

Cone Bottom Bin Specs

Heavy Duty Grain Bin Construction

Wheatland cone bottom bins offer heavy gauge, "No Compromise" heavy-duty construction on all grain and dry fertilizer bins. Built tough with an exterior and interior powder coat finish, helping to prevent corrosion, these cone bottom bins offer a smooth cleanout with no hang-ups.
Though used mainly for grain and dry fertilizer, these cone bottom bins can be custom made for storing any flow-able commodity, such as lime, flour and cement powder, just to name a few.

Custom Cone Bottom Bin Design

Wheatland Bins is a proven leader in the agricultural storage industry. We offer solutions to feed and grain storage questions that others can't answer. Wheatland Bins sets the standard for customized bins. Our goal is to give you top quality, all-welded bins and storage tanks by offering flexibility in design to suit your operation. You can count on Wheatland to make the modifications you need.
Wheatland cone bottom bins are perfectly suited for the storage of grain, completely self-cleaning with no ledges or obstructions to trap contaminates; no shovelling is necessary with a Wheatland bin. Wheatland cone bottom bins are available with many options including aeration.

Benefits to You:

Safety / Convenience
Spring-loaded, vented lid opens from ground. Solid welded ladders are standard for easy access to top lid.

Maintenance Free
Exterior is powder coated with durable industrial polyester. An optional powder coated interior is also available

Self Cleaning
Chemical resistant powder coated interior protects the interior and aids product flow.

Superior Design
All products are engineered to your specifications. We specialize in custom modifications.

Easy Load Out
45 cone for even flow and 24" discharge clearance for plenty of room to work

No Hang-Ups
Smooth-walled interior allows total clean out.

Moisture Proof
Continuous-welded seams lock moisture out.

Heavy Duty
Heavy gauge steel construction for dense, hard flowing product.

Strength / Stability
Angle ring leg structure evenly distributes the weight to the cone. HSS legs engineered for safe storage of your product.

Cone Bottom Bin Standard Features


Choose from a long list of Wheatland standard options to compliment your purchase. Each of the products has been designed to give you years of continued use and reliability that you've come to expect.

Air nipples
Air pads
Auger boot
Auger brackets
Bean ladder
Bin motivator
Blow valves
Cam lock couplers
Custom colors
Dust collectors
Feed boots
Fill indicators
Filler pipes
Inside ladders
Ladder cage
Level indicators
Lift hooks
Manholes / manways
Perimeter rails w/kick plate
Pneumatic fill kits
Poke holes
Probe holes
Rain caps
Removable aeration tube
Stainless steel
Temperature monitors
Turbulence boxes
Utility augers
Vent extensions
View glass

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