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Edwards manufactures grain drying equipment, fans and heaters for storage management and grain conditioning in flat floor bins and hopper cones. Conventional grain systems only dry from the bottom up. Although effective in the bottom half, they often fall short of drying grain in the centre and top half of the bin. As grain is augured into the bin, fines collect in the centre resulting in a dense, packed core that is hard for air to penetrate.

Grain Guard Systems overcome this by:

  • Forcing air into centre
  • Providing a drying front that conforms to the grain pile
  • Reducing static pressure
  • Increasing fan efficiency by as much as 20%
  • Reducing grain drying time by as much as 50%
Edwards Grain Guard grain drying equipment

Edwards Grain Guard grain drying equipment

Achieving and maintaining uniform air flow throughout a bin is an important factor in drying effectively and efficiently.

By reducing drying time and drying uniformly, operation costs can be reduced.

It's the movement of warm, dry air through a bin that dries grain. Therefore aeration is most effective when these low humidity (warm, dry air) conditions prevail. With these conditions present, combined with a proper sized fan and a rocket system, you can expect to draw out approximately 3/4 - 1 point of moisture over a 24 hour period.

With a complete Grain Guard system in place, crops can be taken off at 4% - 6% moisture above dry (example: wheat 18% - 20%). Under warm, low relative humidity conditions you should see 3/4 - 1% of drying taking place per day. This allows a 5 day advance on harvest time as well as more harvesting hours per day.

In order to create a uniform drying front, you must have the height of at least half of the bin's diameter above the aeration system. The best uniform front can be produced by filling your bin and then turning on the fan. Models are available for bin sizes ranging from 14' to 42' . All systems come standard with 48" Helfer duct.

The Rocket

Rocket Specifications
GG 6000 6'
GG 7000 4'
GG 7000 6'
GG 7000 8'
GG 8000 6'
GG 8000 8'
15" slim rocket (for existing bins)
30" rocket
30" rocket
30" rocket
45" rocket
45" rocket
1200 to 2500 bushels
1500 to 3300 bushels
up to 4500 bushels
up to 6000 bushels
up to 7500 bushels
up to 10000 bushels

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