Farm Silo - Wide-Corr Series Outside Stiffened Grain Bins

Wide-Corr Centurion farm silos have external stiffeners for extra strength

Westeels Wide Corr Farm Silo

Westeels premium quality farm silo, Wide-Corr, brings high capacity grain storage to today's farm with on-farm sizes ranging from 2,390 to 56,730 bushels. Engineered for exceptional clean-out, superior strength and unbeatable versatility, the Wide-Corr farm silo is engineered for superior strength and external stiffeners. The design of the exterior stiffeners is a perfect balance of strength and steel use such that sidewalls are over 2.5 times more efficient at achieving the maximum load possible out of each pound of steel. This provides the additional strength you want without the extra expense of having to use a heavier gauge.


Farm Grain Silo Specs

Westeels engineers have coaxed the maximum strength out of every pound of steel in a Wide-Corr farm silo to give you superior structural strength over the entire bin. That means a grain bin better able to handle the added weight of heavy snow loads, or the structural stress of extreme temperature conditions and high winds.

G115 provides the best corrosion protection. Proven in laboratory tests, Wide-Corr's G115 galvanized steel provides 25% better protection over conventional G90 and almost 60% more protection over other commercial products.

Designed for easy assembly, the Wide-Corr farm silo benefits from a computer assisted manufacturing process that produces precision cut sheets every time. The result is tighter seals at the connection points and an easier to assemble grain bin. Installation of a Circ-AirT or a full floor aeration system is also easy, thanks to the pre-punching of holes in the bottom sheet, which makes connection to drying floor flashing a snap.

The Grain Bin with Exceptional Clean-Out

Wide-Corr's ultra-flat 4" wide corrugation pattern and lack of internal stiffeners delivers far superior grain bin clean-out, virtually eliminating the possibility of grain hang-up. If contamination of grain varieties is a concern to you, the Wide-Corr silo is the answer.

Wide-Corr uses a continuous ring angle (far superior to lighter clip systems on competing grain bins), to anchor the roof and give maximum resistance to high winds. Additional roof strength is provided by extra deep ribs in the roof sheets, which increases overall structural integrity. For higher snow load conditions, additional roof rings are available as optional accessories for some models from 21' to 48' diameter. The roofs 30 slope promotes quick moisture run off while allowing for maximum usable capacity.

Wide Corr's Century Door features a heavy duty "super robust" walk-in design that gives you the flexibility to add tiers to your farm silo without having to upgrade your door. It also features a more precise, cleaner assembly. An improved latch design makes the door easier to open and operate, and the redesigned doorframe eliminates all gaps for the best seal possible.

The new EasyFlow Unload System is available for 15' to 48' bins. This high performance, high quality unloading systems feature extra wide gates for smoother grain flow. The gates run on NyLaton rollers for less friction and easier opening and closing. Both Westeels Tube and U-Trough Unload Grain Handling Systems permit unloading from the center of the grain bin, reducing the risk of bin collapse due to rapid unloading.

Standard Equipment

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Optional Accessories

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