Overhead Feed Bins From Wheatland

Wheatland feed storage bins are available for storing any type of feed or premix. Bins can be configured any number of ways from grain storage in overhead bulk feed bins to stand alone small bulk metal feed bins. With our fully welded smooth-walled bin design, feed stays fresher longer with no ledges for contamination. Bins are guaranteed to stand up with heavy product such as soybean meal, decal, etc. Our bins are ideal for bulk feed storage. When you store your bulk feed in a Wheatland bin you know that your feed will be kept dry and in good condition. You can order your bulk feed bin complete with an auger boot for regular or for a flex auger.

Overhead Feed Storage Bin Specs

Feed bins from Wheatland Bins are built strong to last a lifetime. A smooth wall design, interior and exterior, along with a 55 degree cone helps ensure smooth unloading and there's no place to trap feed which may spoil.

Bin comes with remote controlled lid, side and roof ladder and 18" bottom discharge, and is manufactured in all sizes and styles including side draw. For extra capacity all 12', 14' and 16' dia. bins are available with a 55 degree cone. Custom feed bins also available.

Standard Bulk Storage Bin Features:

Smooth-Walled Bin Options

Choose from a long list of Wheatland standard options to compliment your bin purchase. Each of the products has been designed to give you years of continued use and reliability that you've come to expect.

Air nipples
Air pads
Auger boot
Auger brackets
Bean ladder
Bin motivator
Blow valves
Cam lock couplers
Custom colors
Dust collectors
Feed boots
Fill indicators
Filler pipes
Inside ladders
Ladder cage
Level indicators
Lift hooks
Manholes / manways
Perimeter rails w/kick plate
Pneumatic fill kits
Poke holes
Probe holes
Rain caps
Removable aeration tube
Stainless steel
Temperature monitors
Turbulence boxes
Utility augers
Vent extensions
View glass

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