Drying Grain with Full Floor Aeration Systems From Westeel

Drying grain is a snap with this system

Drying grain is a snap with this system.


The primary purpose of drying grain through aeration is to maintain the condition of a crop stored in a bin. Hot spots cause spoilage and provide an environment in which bug infestations can develop. An aeration system moves a low volume of air through a crop, dissipating heat and preventing hot spots. Aeration offers only minimal drying, so a system designed for aeration should not be used to dry crop. Aeration is natural air drying and does not offer as much advantage of an earlier crop harvest as is offered by heated crop dryers like Phoenix.

As a rule of thumb aeration requires an air flow of .1-.15 CFM per bushel.

Drying Front

The drying front is the level in the stored crop at which below the crop is basically dry. The drying front starts in the bottom of the bin (where airflow is the greatest) and moves to the top. A stored crop is not considered dry until the drying front moves completely through the stored crop. Blowers must not be turned off until the drying front has moved through the entire bin.
Ideal for natural air-drying or aeration, Westeel's full floor system can be installed on both new and existing bins. Heavy duty galvanized planks ensure uniform air distribution to the entire grain mass. The most efficient natural air-drying system available.

Protect The Value Of Your Grain With Westeel's Full Floor Aeration Systems

Designed specifically for Westeel bins, Westeel grain aeration systems provide the dependable performance and long term value you seek when you're looking for an aeration or natural air drying solution for your valuable crops. Because they are manufactured by Westeel, they install easily on your new or existing Westeel bin and come complete with all required hardware. More important, they are fully tested and warranted by Westeel, thereby offering the greatest protection for your storage investment.

For Maximum Aeration to the Entire Grain Mass

Westeels premier aeration option, the Full Floor System, delivers maximum performance when you require full volume conditioning or natural air drying of your grain or oilseed crops. The grain drying equipment can be easily installed on all new and existing Series 14 through Series 48 Westeel bins. The system's unique use of multiple flashing, complete with appropriate hardware, provides a better seal at the bins edge and reduces installation time.

Heavy Duty Construction

Engineered to withstand the heaviest vertical loads, the Westeel Full Floor system features heavy gauge steel in the floor supports and full width ribbing in the galvanized floor planks for superior structural strength. These planks feature a special arch design that stiffens the floor when under load, making it even stronger.

Designed for Maximum Aeration

Westeel's Full Floor System features a uniquely perforated flashing (which permits aeration near the bin wall) and full width perforation on the floor planks. The result is improved airflow circulation to the entire mass with no dead spots.

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