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Barry Smith Grains
Temora, New South Wales, Australia

Barry Smith's grain handling and storage system was the first ever Hutchinson Grain Pump installed in Australia and it was completed in late 1997. [details]

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February 12

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Wheatland has grain bin steel skid options for all bin sizes 7′ diameter to 19′ diameter, as well as many other optional features.

Optional Features Description

Slide Gate Assembly

S.S. Slide Gate Assembly

S.S. Slide Plate

Top Lid



Manhole c/w Vented Lid

Poke Hole

View Glass

Safety Fill


Proximity Switch

Pail Spout

Fan Bracket

Auger Tabs

Leg Extension (12″)


Bone White Paint (price/litre)

Nylon Rollers(c/w bolts)

Anchor Bolts(1/2″ X 4 1/2″)

Bolting Service

Lift Hooks (set of 4)

Chain Wheel c/w Chain

Bolt/Weld on gate assembly c/w crank

Complete S.S. assembly in lieu of mild steel

S.S. bottom plate in lieu of mild steel

Spring loaded top lid to fit 22″ opening

Access hole in bottom bin cone

Access hole in roof cone

Access hole in top cone c/w vented lid

6″ x 6″ access to discharge just above gate

4″ round window on sidewall

Fill indicator on roof cone

Level indicator on sidewall

24 Volt AC for Lev Alert

Spout on bottom cone for filling pails

Support bracket mounted under fan

Tabs at top of bin sidewall to attach support cables

For extensions over 12″, call for quotation.

Replacement spring for top lid

Solvent based paint to match bins for touch ups

Nylon bushings for slide gate assembly

Bolts to anchor bin to concrete pad

Service provided by delivery man. Price/Bin

For crane unloading

Chain wheel and chain gate openers