Completed Project
Barry Smith Australian grain handling facility at Ariah Park

Barry Smith Grains
Temora, New South Wales, Australia

Barry Smith's grain handling and storage system was the first ever Hutchinson Grain Pump installed in Australia and it was completed in late 1997.


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Wilkie, Saskatchewan

Grain ElevatorLouis Drefus Grain Elevator

Louis Dreyfus first announced plans to build a series of prairie-wide Canadian grain elevators in early 1998. Between then and August of 2003, when the last two grain elevators opened Skyway Grain Systems build 10 grain elevators for Louis Dreyfus in locations stretching west from Rathwell, Manitoba to Dawson Creek, B.C.

Louis Dreyfus Canada Ltd. was the first client in the world to have 16″ Grain Pumps installed. These Grain Pumps are rated at 18-20,000 BPH (490-540 MTPH).

Louis Dreyfus Canadian Grain Terminals

  • Elevator and grain storage facilities are steel grain bin construction.
  • Capacity is up to 40,000 metric tonnes, wheat equivalent.
  • Depending on location, the grain loop can load 50+ or 100+ rail cars.
  • Two unloading or receiving pits operate at 18-20,000 bushels an hour.



All have the same basic layout design, as follows:

  1. Receiving Lines (2)
    • Approximately 470′ of total Chain each (2 – 75 HP Drives)
    • 49′ height, 185′ long
    • Receive grain from trucks
    • Trucks are weighed at the dump pit i.e. pump goes under scale
    • Each line has 7 solid welded, smooth walled receiving commercial hopper bins of 5,000 bu. (135 tonnes) size from where grain goes to cleaner by slow turning U-Trough conveyors
  2. Load-Out Lines(2)
    • Approximately 770′ of total chain each (3 – 75 HP Drives)
    • 64′ height, 315′ long
    • Receiving product from either clean surge bins, receiving lines or condo lines
    • Each line has 5 – 74,000 bu. (2,000 tonne) flat bottom bins
    • Can deliver grain back to all the other lines (including the other load-out line) and deliver grain to 40,000 bu. Per hour (1,100 tonnes per hour) bucket elevator boot that sits at 35′ height for load-out to bins over top rain cars
  3. Condo Line(up to 2)
    • 740 ‘ of chain
    • 3 – 75 HP Drives
    • Large producers own condo lines; each line has 5 – 74,000 bu. (2,000 tonne) flat bottom bins(same size as is in the Load-Out lines).

All of the Louis Dreyfus facilities handle all grains i.e. Wheat, Barley, Oats, Canola, and Peas are the main ones.

Grain Elevator at Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Louis Dreyfus site at Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Canada features five 16 inch Hutchinson Pumps and one 40,000 BPH (1100 TPH) Bucket Elevator.

Location Year Installed Condo Lines Load Out Lines Receiving Lines
Rathwell, Manitoba ** 1997-8 1-2000 0 0
Virden, Manitoba** 1997-8 1-2000 0 0
Tisdale, Saskatchewan** 1997-8 1-2000 0 0
Wilke, Saskatchewan 1999 1 2 2
Aberdeen, Saskatchewan 1999 1 2 2
Glenavon, Saskatchewan 1999 1 2 2
Regina, Saskatchewan 2000 1 2 2
Lyalta, Alberta 2000 1 2 2
Joffre, Alberta 2000 0 2 2
Dawson Creek, B.C. 2001 0 2 2
Totals 8 14 14

** These 3 elevators have 10″ Grain Pumps for Load-out and Receiving lines. We were not making 16″ Grain Pumps until late 1999.


  • Five 16 inch Hutchinson Grain Pumps
  • One 40,000 BPH Bucket Elevator
  • Complete cleaning facility to export standards
  • Two receiving lines and two receiving scales

This system can accomplish many tasks at once. It has been configured so that it can receive grain from two B trains, and at the same time also loads out to a 112-car train. It can also simultaneously clean grain to export standards.

The system also features five condominium bins owned by farmers.

The Louis Dreyfus Group, based in Paris, has been an innovative leader in international commodity markets since 1851. It provides value-added services to both producer and buyer, moving agricultural products from the farmer to the consumer in an efficient and effective way.