Grain Flow Controls from Lambton Conveyor

Valve Flow Control

2 Way Offset Pan Valve

2 Way Pan Valve Features:

  • Bucket type flap.
  • Eliminate leaking and cross contamination.
  • Allows a single setup to handle different types of material with ease.
  • Spring assisted position locking that has been incorporated in the new pan design.
Pan Valve

Pan Valve.

3 Way Pendulum Valve

3 Way Pendulum Valve Features:

  • Bucket type flap and the spring assisted position lock.
  • Eliminates cross contamination occur.
  • Constructed entirely of 10 gauge steel. (Heavier available.)
Pendulum Valve

Pendulum Valve.

Cushion Box Flow Control

Adjustable Cushion Box Features:

  • Adjustable flow system for different grain flows
  • cushioning area is attached to the top rather than the bottom of the cushion box allowing for optimum cushioning at whatever angle the valve is positioned.
  • Inspection panel enabling you to visually determine if you have made the appropriate adjustments.
  • Clean out lever allowing for convenient self-cleaning.
Cushion Box

Cushion Box.

Flow Reducer Flow Control

Inline Flow Reducer Features:

  • Galvanized Weather Tight Enclosure
  • Round Flanged Inlet And Outlets
  • Standard 10 Gauge Construction
  • All Galvanized Construction
  • Optional 5 Gauge Construction
Flow Reducer

Flow Reducer.

Flipper Valve Flow Control

Flipper Valves

  • 3 Way Flipper Valve
  • 2 Way X Style Flipper Valve
  • Overflow/Flipper Valve
  • 2 Way Offset Flipper Valve
  • Inline Steam Vent

Flipper Valve Features:

  • Control handle & lever included
  • Grease points on all control shaft bushings
  • Galvanized weather tight enclosure
  • Round flanged inlet and outlets
  • Standard 10 gauge construction
  • Short throat for limited loss of discharge height
  • Cable actuated positioning
  • All galvanized construction
  • Optional 5 gauge construction

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