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The methods of moving grain from place to place are as varied as the imagination. For most situations, Skyway Grain Systems has a solution. For moving commercial quantities of grain from bin-to-bin, from bin to dryer, from bin to railcar, or from bin to truck, Skyway Grain Systems utilises a number of products from a number of quality suppliers.

Products can be divided into 3 categories:


    • Hutchinson Grain Pumps
      The Hutchinson Grain Pump is a continuous loop grain conveying system (chain conveyor), that incorporates the functions of many of the traditional grain handling systems. The grain loop can incorporate many storage bin units and provide easy in-load and out-load to trucks or wagons moving grain vertically and horizontally with ease.
    • Lambton Straight and Incline Chain Conveyors
      Lambton Conveyor has been around for 20 years and has become a leader in the grain handling industry. Their Drag Chain Conveyors have been developed with the input of farmers and field tested by their installers to ensure that the product delivers quality service.
    • Lambton Round Bottom Conveyor
      Lambton round bottom chain conveyors can link all parts of the system, top and bottom, ensuring that grain contamination does not happen from one type of product run to the next type of product run.

    • Lambton Bucket Elevator Leg
      Lambton equipment allows Skyway customers to put together existing storage and off-line facilities into one completely integrated system. The Lambton Bucket Elevator features a clean computer aided design and 10 to 14 gauge, galvanized construction.

    • Hutchinson U-Trough Screw Conveyor
      The U-trough Conveyor type conveying systems are available in capacities for commercial applications, larger bins and flat storage structures.
    • Westfield Utility Auger
      Utility augers in 4, 6,7,8,10 and 13 inch diameters in various lengths for semi-permanent and permanent grain handling installations.
    • MK Series Swing Hopper Grain Augers
      A practical and economical mechanical drive swing-hopper auger Only Westfield, North America’s leading manufacturer of grain augers – with years of proven field experience – could build such a simple, uncomplicated, efficient and affordable mechanical drive auger.
    • Hutchinson U-Trough Conveyor
      The U-trough Conveyor type conveying systems are available in capacities for commercial applications, larger bins and flat storage structures.
    • Commercial Bin Sweeps
      Hutchinson’s Commercial Klean Sweep is an outstanding performer for minimal investment, the best bang for your buck. Heavy gauge components are used throughout to withstand the rigors of high usage. The Klean Sweep bin sweep is available for bin diameters from 24′ to 120’and in 5″, 7″, 9″, 12″ sizes depending upon the bin diameter. There is also a sweep Tractor available for larger bin sizes.
    • Westeel
      Springland U-Trough Bin Unloading Equipment Springland Power Sweep bin unloaders have a U-Trough Design for easy access and ease of maintenance. 11″ U-trough unload systems can accommodate 7.25″ or 9″ flighting. All options are included in the package, no add-ons required.