Grain System Layouts - Some Energy Efficient Designs

The Hutchinson grain pump can take the place of a number of components of traditional grain handling systems. The grain loop can serve as a replacement for any number of grain conveying mechanisms, such as drag chain and en masse conveyors, grain augers, grain legs, and bucket elevators. The layout of the system depends upon the function required of the Hutchinson Grain Pump. Part of Skyways needs assessment process deals with the most appropriate layout for the clients' particular design and requirements. Listed below are a few, but by no means all, examples of how the design may look.

Horizontal Bin Fill

Grain pump uses horizontal piping to fill grain bins

Side Spouts

Side spouts can be used to fill ancilliary bins that are off-line

Vertical Around Hoppers

Vertical grain pump around hopper bottom grain bins

See a Horizontal Bin Fill Video

To fill, 2 rows of bins, a horizontal bin fill formation may suit the farm situation better. The high capacity, low maintenance and ease of operation combine to provide the most efficient top-loading grain handling system in the industry. The same may be said for a horizontal bin unloading system, if the circumstance is right.

See a Grain Pump with Side Spouts Video

Side spout allow the grain loop to incorporate bins that are not in line into the grain system. Other functions such as grain drying, cleaning, rolling and bagging can be incorporated into the system.

See a Vertical Pump Around Hopper Bins Video

Hopper bottom bins can also be incorporated into the system. Where the operation deals with a variety of commodities and uses hopper bottom bins extensively, the design can be configured to allow handling multiple crops without fear of contamination.

Slanted Grain Pump

A slanted grain pump can be added to an existing line of grain bins

Fast Auger In Fast Auger Out

For simple loading and unloading a fast auger in and fast auger out may be all that is required

Vertical Around Flat Bottom

See a Slanted Grain Pump Video

A Slanted pump is most frequently used when an operation is being retrofitted and the storage system is upgraded to take advantage of the grain pumps versatility. Utilizing existing storage structures, instead of building new grain bins, can save expense.

See a Fast Auger In Fast Auger Out Video

For simply loading and unloading, a "fast auger in fast auger out" configuration may be all that is required. This arrangement can serve to move grain from bin to bin and load and unload into tracks or rail cars. The 6" pump at 2000 bu. per hour, moves the grain from the surge bin or holding bin, to all the other bins and back. (Connects all the bins); the high capacity augers load and unload

See a Vertical Pump Flat Bottom Bins Video

Grain Pumps can also be installed vertically around Flat Bottom bins. The bottom run of the loop is simply installed underneath your aeration floor our in a concrete trough both with floor inlet wells with slide gates which are open and shut with manual or electrical controls on the exterior of the bin.

Grain Loop with a Bucket Elevator

When feed blending is a requirement, a bucket elevator can be added to the grain pump to facilitate blending

Vertical Around Bulk Building

A grain pump can be added to a bulk grain storage building to facilitate loading and unloading grain

See a Grain Loop Bucket Elevator Video

Where blending feed is a prominent system requirement, a loop with a bucket elevator and hopper bins can be constructed. This allows a number of ingredients to be custom mixed to your specifications and it can all be controlled and monitored electronically.

See a Grain Pump Bulk Storage Building Video

In situation where bulk storage is used, a grain pump can be constructed to convey crops to and from trucks and rail cars. The use of bin wells and bin sweeps can ensure that all of the crop can be moved turned or blended as required.

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