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Grain Leg Distributor from Lambton Conveyor

Grain Leg Distributors come complete with controls for easy operation from ground level. (control cable extra) Each set of controls is manufactured from galvanized steel. Each control wheel with handle comes with mounting brackets to fit any size leg trunk manufactured by Lambton Conveyor. These controls can therefore be mounted at any height desired.

Grain Leg Distributor Features:

Dual Inlet Pendulum Grain Leg Distributors

Pendulum Distributor

Pendulum Distributor.

Pendulum Grain Leg Distributor Features:

Electric Grain Leg Distributors

Electric Distributor

Electric Distributor.

Electric Grain Leg Distributor Features:

Grain Leg Distributor Controller

Distributor Controller

Distributor Controller.

The SG-383 combines the state of the art touch screen technology and a durable DC drive control to offer outstanding performance. The entire process is being continuously monitored by the onboard CPU to ensure accurate positioning at all times.

Grain Leg Distributor Controller Features:

  • One Touch control
  • Bright Display
  • Easy Setup
  • Auto Tuning
  • Self-test Feature
  • High reliability
  • 120v AC Power

Grain Leg Distributor Options:

  • Can Be Customized
  • Cold Climate package
  • Catastrophic failure over-ride

Grain Leg Spouting

Spouting Elbow

Spouting Elbow.

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