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A simple farm feed mill system

The Huxley colony uses a simple grain pump system and a Laden grain mill as part of its equipment to roll and prepare feed for their cattle every day. The Colony, located north of Trochu, Alberta, farms 8000 acres of grain and forage land. They also run about 600 cow calf pairs and a feedlot where they finish approximately 2000 head a year.

Simple Efficient Farm Grain Mill

Their system is a combination of existing raw grain storage, a 6" pump, and a grain mill to prepare feed rations. Skyway designed the system to receive out of the existing bins with the 6" pump and deliver to a large surge bin over the grain mill. After rolling, the pump takes the feed to a load out bin for distribution. Their grain mill capacity is 1000 B.P.H. The roller mill is fed with an auger system incorporating a Veri Speed Drive that works off maximum amperage draw of the roller. The Veri drive maintains optimum amperage draw off the roller mill, so the supply of grain available ensures maximum work efficiency at all times. The Veri drive system works with standard 3 phase motor.

Barry Smith Australian grain handling facility at Ariah Park

A simple grain pump and a feed mill produces cattle feed for the Huxley Colony

An Enclosed Feed System

The feed system is made up of 2 hopper surge bins, a grain pump, a grain mill and 3 flat bottom storage source bins. The feed, either barley or oats, is loaded into the Grain Pump from one of 3 flat bottom storage bins. It travels up vertical end of the Grain Pump and is deposited into an overhead hoppered surge bin which supplies the roller mill. The grain is outloaded from the surge bin via a hopper bottom, into a screw conveyor that regulates the feed rate to the grain mill so that the machine is operating at optimum capacity at all times.

Rolled feed drops, by gravity back into the bottom of the grain pump and is carried up and deposited into a load-out hopper bin mounted over the truck loading ramp.

Mixer Wagon Services the Grain Mill

The rolled feed is dropped from the load-out bin via a ground controlled slide gate in the bottom of the cone into a 3-auger mixer wagon. The next stop in mixing the feed is at a separate bank of six hopper bottom bins with fixed augers that add additional ingredients to the rolled feed, depending upon the feed ration required. After adding the prescribed ingredients, the ingredients and the rolled feed are mixed by the feed wagon as it travels to the feedlot where the cattle are kept.

This installation is a prime example of a simple on-farm feed system, operated with minimum manpower, easy-to-use equipment, and maximum efficiency, the perfect system for busy farmers.

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