Hopper Tanks - The Magnum Series from Westeel

Magnum-G hopper tank stores grain seed or feed

Magnum-G hopper tank stores grain seed or feed

Magnum-G or Grain, Seed, and Feed

Offering the best value in smooth wall storage, Magnum-G is perfect for the storage of grain, seed, and feed.

Designed to provide trouble free cleanout and superior protection from corrosion, Westeel's Magnum Series hopper tanks are professionally engineered smooth wall hopper bottom grain bins that come fully equipped, delivered and installed, at a "no surprise" all inclusive price. They represent your best value in smooth wall storage.

Magnum G Hopper Bottom Bin Specs

Superior Paint Finish Inside and Out

The most important factor in determining the longevity of a smooth wall grain tank is the quality of it's coating finish. That's why Westeel employs a seven-step paint process on it's Magnum series, which includes use of an industrial quality primer top coat paint for the exterior of all bins, and the industry's most comprehensive pre-paint metal preparation process. The result is a paint finish that provides the best protection from the elements available in bins of their kind.

Exceptional Bin Cleanout

On Magnum-G bins, a steep 40 grain bin cone slope, full interior welded cone seams, and a wide 19" opening help eliminate the potential for product hang-up and the possibility of insect or mould contamination due to incomplete bin cleanout (when using the bins for grain storage).

Designed for Optimal Strength

Engineered for optimum strength and precision built using Westeel's computer assisted manufacturing process, all Magnum bins are constructed using the heaviest gauge steel used on bins of this type. They are also assembled vertically to produce a perfectly round bin with extremely smooth assembly joints and a more attractive appearance overall. On Magnum-G the top and bottom cone sheets have been pressed to provide exceptional strength and greater impact resistance to structural damage from bridged product. For strength, stability and weather tight protection, you won't find better built bins anywhere.

Attractively Priced

Unlike most competitive bins, which usually carry additional charges for transportation and pilot vehicle charges, Magnum series bins are sold complete at a low, all inclusive price, making them your best value in smooth wall storage.

Guaranteed to Last

We're so confident in the structural integrity of our Magnum series bins, we back them with a 10 year structural guarantee and a 30 month coating warranty.

Magnum-G Standard and Optional Equipment

Standard Equipment
- Heavy duty construction
- Built vertically for exact seam alignment
- Wire fed plasma welded for seamless interior
- Pressed cone sheets for increased strength
- Remote controlled vented lid to prevent vacuum collapse
- Inspection hatch at bottom of cone
- Side wall and roof ladder
- Rack and pinion slide gate
- High strength steel square tubular legs
- Vented legs to prevent freezing damage
- 40 bottom cone slope
- 24" hopper clearance

Optional Equipment
- Full bin indicator
- Top roof manway
- Safety cages
- Auger boots
- Poke hole
- Pail spouts
- Custom cone slopes
- Leg extensions
- Bean and pea ladders
- Custom decals and colours
- Hopper aeration systems
- Steel foundation skids (max 4200 bu)

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