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Skyway began utilizing the Hutchinson Grain Pump in their grain system designs over 30 years ago. The Grain Pump, as it is called, is really just a drag chain conveyor inside a tube which circulates in an enclosed loop around a line of bins, elevating and conveying the grain all in one piece of equipment. Originally, Elwood Sawby, Skyways founder, saw the Grain Pump/Loop as a viable alternative to the more traditional configuration of Grain Legs, bucket elevators and drag chain conveyors. To this day, Skyway continues to introduce this innovative piece of grain handling equipment to the world. To date, Skyway has installed well over 250 Hutchinson grain pumps in its grain systems both domestically and internationally. Skyway has installed Hutchinson Grain Pumps/Loops and other Hutchinson products in Canada, United States, Australia, Czech Republic, Libya, New Zealand, Guatemala, Mongolia, Russia, and Argentina

Hutchinson Grain PumpHutchinson Grain Pump

Hutchinson Mayrath is now over 50 years old. The company Hutchinson Mayrath itself came into existence in 1989, when Mayrath Industries was merged with Hutchinson Manufacturing to form a Division of TIC United stem from. Both Companies have had a long history of contributions to the Grain Handling Industry.

Hutchinson/Mayrath has grown to become a supplier to the world with grain and material handling equipment. Over the years, Hutchinson has grown through innovation and is recognized as a leading supplier to the World of grain and material handling equipment.

Skyway Grain Systems Inc. makes use of a number of Hutchinson products in designing custom grain handling systems. Products such as the Grain Pump, Hutchinson U-Trough Augers, U-Trough Screw Conveyor, Farm and Commercial Bin Unloading Equipment, Mass-Ter Mover® & Mass-Ter Flow drag chain conveyors and the grain pump loop conveyor are all used, depending upon the customers’ requirements.

Loop Drag Chain Conveyor

Available in 6″ to 16″ sizes. The Hutchinson Grain Pump, as it has become known as, is simply just a continuous loop drag chain conveyor inside a tube with four 90 degree corners. Imagine the tube being the four sides to a picture frame and inside this frame you will have your row of storage bins. The corners of the frame are the sprocket corners of the loop, the top sprocket corners are the corners equipped with drives to run the chain. The grain is both elevated (in the vertical section) and conveyed horizontally, all with one piece of equipment. The grain pump/loop can incorporate many storage bin units and provide easy in-load and out-load to trucks or wagons, moving grain vertically and horizontally with ease. To reiterate, the Grain Pump is a paddle chain drag conveyor in a continuous loop that both elevates and conveys product with one simple piece of equipment.

Grain Pump Double Run System

The Double Run Grain Pump functions the same as a chain conveyorThe Double Run Grain Pump functions the same as a chain conveyor

This conveyor really is genius. It is simply two lengths of tube stacked one on top of the other with a head sprocket and boot sprocket at one end or the other. Inside is your standard drag chain and paddles. The bottom tube is the conveying chamber (where the grain is) and the top tube is the return for the chain. Essentially it is just like the traditional drag chain conveyor but not in a box, in two tubes. Advantages over the traditional drag chain conveyor are that you can incline this conveyor to 60 degrees and you can clearspan this conveyor (no supports in between) up to 35'. Price wise they are very economical compared to traditional drag chain conveyors – they are more money than your normal tube auger (screw conveyor) but will last 5 times longer than the auger. Skyway makes use of these unique conveyors quite often in our designs.

Hutchinson U-Trough Augers and U-Trough Screw Conveyor

Hutchinson Mayrath manufactures a complete line of tube and U-trough Screw type conveyors for both farm and commercial applications. Components of this screw type auger conveyor series are constructed of heavy gauge materials to withstand the rigors of high use. Even in grain systems we recommend consideration of this series. The same high quality components such as reducer drives, roller gated wells, rack and pinion controls, control pipe kits and many other accessories are available with the screw type as with the en masse paddle chain conveyors.

Hutchinson Mayrath continually strives to provide a premier product line at a competitive price. Hutchinson Mayrath offers one of the most comprehensive product lines in the industry.

Commercial Bin Sweep Auger Equipment

Hutchinson manufactures a commercial bin sweep for 24 to 120 ft diameter bins. Depending on the flight and bin diameter the sweeps come equip with tractor units for sweep advancement in large diameters and as well as intermediate sweep carriers.

Mass-Ter Mover® & Mass-Ter Flow Paddle Chain Drag Conveyors

The company manufactures a complete line of en masse chain drag conveyors. Two different models are produced; the Mass-Ter Mover® which is used in installations which require inclined grain conveying (30 degrees all the way to vertical) and the Master Flow for installations that require only level chain drag conveyors. Both models are offered in capacities ranging from 2000 to 15,000 bushel per hour.