L.A. Grain Wilson, Alberta, Canada

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Barry Smith Australian grain handling facility at Ariah Park

Commercial Grain Buyer and Shipping, LA Grain.

L.A. Grain Ltd. is a commercial grain buying and shipping company. They receive grain into their ten-inch Hutchinson Grain Pump which is looped around seven hopper bins, each of railcar capacity, and four 25,000 flat bottom bins - all in one line running parallel to the railway.

L.A. Grain cleans all of its grain purchases to export standards prior to loading out onto rail cars. The clean grain is distributed to the same storage bins with a second six inch pump. The ten-inch pump also loads out to railcars. The entire system is powered by two 30-hp motors.

Key Features:

The initial system was installed in 1996 and has since been acquired by Louis Dreyfus Canada Ltd., one of the largest commodity companies in the world.

Consultant/Owner Ken Getty is impressed with the capacity of the system, "We estimate that the system receives, turns, blends, and loads out around 100,000 metric tonnes per year."

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