OPI Systems Provides Grain Storage Management Tools

OPI Systems connects your bins to your computer

OPI Systems connects your bins to your computer.

OPI Systems provides temperature monitoring cables for farm and commercial grain bins. Cables work effectively on oats, barley, wheat, corn, rice, soybeans, and pulse crops.

Two options exist for gathering storage monitor data, bin side monitoring, and PC-Based Remote Monitoring.

In addition, OPI Systems produces an insect detecting device, Insector. This is an infrared monitoring device that provides real-time monitoring of insect activity, with each insect tracked by species, time and temperature.

OPI Systems Manages Grain Storage

From the smallest farm bin to the world's largest commercial facilities, OPI Systems has a cost effective solution to fit your grain storage management needs. The OPI advantage includes:

Digital Technology for Grain Management

A pioneer in the use of digital technology for grain management, OPI StorMax is leading the industry with numerous product innovations, such as:

Guaranteed Return on Investment

Don't take our word for it. Calculate the return on investment to determine whether StorMax makes sense for your operation. At an average cost of 5 cents/bushel, for the handheld monitoring system, StorMax pays for itself in peace of mind alone. For 10 cents/bushel (or less), the OPIGIMAC control system quickly pays for itself by turning your storage into a profit centre.

Proactive Grain Storage Management

Although OPI is grain storage peace of mind, what really sets StorMax apart from the competition is proactive storage management.

Safe storage is all about managing grain temperature and moisture content. The only reason to run fans is to control the level and balance between moisture and temperature. Although this may seem obvious enough, it is often not what is practiced. One extreme is to under-aerate, whereby fans are not run enough to achieve a sufficient level of control. The other common problem is to over-aerate, particularly on fair-weather days when humidity is low. This drives moisture out of the grain, causing shrink, a loss that can be eliminated completely through a more comprehensive monitoring and fan control program.

Moisture Control by Understanding EMC

To understand shrink is to understand EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content), the moisture content that grain will attain when exposed to sufficient air of a given relative humidity and temperature. Zero-tolerance on shrink can be achieve by running fans only when the outside temperature is lower than the average grain temperature and when EMC is inside your target moisture zone. This will result in a safer storage environment with higher grain value (zero-shrink and optimum quality) and reduced electrical cost (reduced runtime).

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