Round Bottom Drag Conveyor by Lambton

Crop cross contamination can be prevented by completely clearing the conveyor

The round bottom conveyor, pictured here, reduces impurities in stored crops.

The Round Bottom Drag Conveyor has been developed with the input of farmers and field tested by Lambton installers to ensure that the product delivers quality service. The quality control on chain conveyors is second to none, ensuring timely delivery of reliable products.

This chain conveyor can link all parts of the system, top and bottom, ensuring that grain contamination does not happen from one type of product run to the next type of product run. The round bottom paddle and curved bottom conveyor ensure a complete cleanout. In addition to minimizing contamination, they also handle the seed gently to minimize kernel damage and provide a greater percentage of seed that will germinate.

This Round Bottom Conveyor is designed to receive and ship course grains and pulse crops (peas and lentils) with "gentle handling". Since every client has their own requirements for seed storage, the system must also guarantee that seed can be stored and moved without contamination.

All clients have their requirements...low kernel damage...low contamination...high efficient operation, and this machine delivers all three.

Head section features:

Trunk Section Features:

Boot Section Features:

Receiving Hopper Features:



Optional Drive-Over Grating:

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