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Established in 1986 the head office of Skyway Grain Systems Inc. is located in Airdrie, which is just north of the city of Calgary in province of Alberta in the midst of Western Canada’s crop production.

In Western Canada we specialize in designing, selling, and constructing custom grain handling systems and storage structures. Whether you are starting from scratch with a whole new system or redesigning and adding to your existing system, Skyway can help you move grain efficiently, fast, and with the lowest damage level of any system. Using the latest in technology, we provide equipment for storage, handling, temperature monitoring, aeration and drying, and for feed mixing and batching all types.

Outside of Canada Skyway offers the same service both through dealers and customer direct if a dealer does not exist for your country. We lend our expertise to the design, the supply of the equipment, and then through technical supervision during the construction period of the project.

Since 1986, Skyway has become known for their designs that feature the innovative Hutchinson Grain Pump™, but of course we also supply many full systems using the conventional bucket elevator and level drag conveyor equipment – we carry a complete line of commercial and farm galvanized bucket elevators, curved and straight drag conveyors, en masse conveyors, support systems and flow accessories which are manufactured by Lambton Conveyor.

We carry a full line of steel corrugated grain bins (silos) from 1,000 to 1.2miliion bushels (27 to 32,700 metric tonnes), complete with accessories for aeration and conventional bin unload – we have three different manufacturers of storage bins, Westeel, Sukup, and Meridian.

In essence, Skyway provides design and quotation services to clients who require consultation and advice on the type of handling, storage, and processing components that would best fit their individual needs.

We have many, many 6″, 8″, 10″ and 16″ systems up and running in Canada, Australia, Argentina, France, Syria, Iran, Czech Republic, Libya, Guatemala, United States, New Zealand, Russia and Mongolia. See our Dealer section for a list of active dealers

We are actively seeking dealers in Germany, Hungary, Poland, South Africa, France, Romania, Kazakhstan, Eastern Europe and Mexico. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please visit our dealer section and get in touch with us.


Completely customized facilities are our business! We specialize in assessing your grain flow needs and working with you to design a layout that will facilitate those requirements.


Our experienced team will work directly with you to analyse the scope of your requirements and assist you using our experience in grain flow concepts to provide ideas and layout options tailored to your operation.


Once we have fully assessed your requirements, we are then able to provide a quotation including any or all of the required materials, labor and equipment. Our ability to provide complete quotes works in your favour as we source and co-ordinate all the necessary components to the system in one simple package. We deal with only top quality suppliers for our designs.