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Syrian Grain Handling SystemSyrian Grain Handling System

In early 2005, the Syrian government contracted with Skyway Grain Systems to supply the storage and grain handling equipment, technical supervision, mechanical installation supervision, civil works installation supervision, project engineering, and electrical control programming to build 21 individual grain storage and grain handling facilities located in strategic points across Northern Syria, where the countries wheat belt is located. These grain handling facilities will fill the need for temporary gathering and storage points for Syrian farmers to deliver the harvest. As of June 2008 fifteen of the twenty-one sites have been successfully commissioned and fully operational, the remaining six are very near completion with project conclusion expected in early 2009.

Each of the 21 grain handling facilities consist of twelve individual 1276 metric ton steel corrugated silos constructed in two, six-silo lines – total capacity of storage at each facility is 15,312 metric tons of wheat. On the receiving end of the system, each row of six silos has a its very own 30 metric ton truck receiving hopper, 150 metric ton per hour bucket elevator to elevate grain into a chain conveyor running along the top of the line of silos, and reversible chain conveyor at the top and the bottom transferring grain between the two lines which enables the operator to receive grain into either of the two truck receiving hoppers and transfer grain to the row of silos of his choosing – this also allows the operator to schedule maintenance without disrupting the receipt of grain. The chain conveyors installed to unload each line of six are also reversible which allows the operator to transfer grain from one silo to any other silo in the storage. The same unloading chain conveyor (one under each line) brings grain to one of the two truck loading bucket elevators located at the opposite end as the receiving. For added flexibility there is a transfer conveyor installed between the lines at the bottom on the unloading end of the system, allowing the operator to unload grain from one of the lines and transfer it to the opposite rows unload bucket elevator – again this allows the facility’s operators to schedule maintenance without having to shut down any normal grain flow activity. The unloading bucket elevators lift grain into one of two small 50 MT hopper tanks which are mounted on overhead structures which allow trucks to drive underneath for fast loading. All chain conveyor and bucket elevator equipment easily achieves 150 metric tons per hour flow rate.

Catwalk Syrian Grain Handling SystemSyrian Grain Handling System

The total list of materials and services supplied by Skyway Grain Systems for the 21 facilities:

  • 252 – 1000 metric ton Westeel Model 4210 grain bins
  • 252 – OPI grain monitoring systems for each individual storage silo
  • 252 – Springland sweep augers for final clean out of the bottom of each steel silo
  • 42 – Lambton Galvanized Bucket Elevators – 15- metric tons per hour
  • 189 – Lambton Galvanized Drag Chain Conveyors
  • Civil Works Engineering and Drafting
  • Support Structure Engineering and Drafting
  • Supply of Electrical Control Software, Programming, and Drafting
  • Technical Supervision
  • Civil Works Installation Supervision
  • Mechanical Works Installation
  • Structural Support Manufacture Supervision
  • Electrical Installation Supervision
  • Final Commissioning Supervision
  • Technical Training of Site Operation Personnel.
Grain Pump Syrian Grain Handling SystemGrain Pump Syrian Grain Handling System

Part of the contract included the requirement for all of the equipment to be on the ocean-going vessel within 5 months of the letter of credit confirmation date and also to be arrived to port of Latakia, Syria within 7 months. Skyway was able to accommodate this requirement with 2 weeks to spare. The final contract was signed in late April of 2005, the first of 189 – 40’ standard ocean going containers were loaded in early May and 4 months later the last container left and the impossible obligation was successfully filled. Meanwhile Skyway’s engineering and drafting team was hard at work supplying all of the engineering for civil and structural works, as well as the software and electrical control programming. Syria’s largest and most well respected construction company was responsible for the manufacture of all of the structural supports (catwalk and support towers), civil works installation, mechanical installation, and electrical installation – all of this was done using engineering and technical supervisors provided by Skyway traveling to and from Canada over the entire course of the project. To date the cooperation between Skyway and this world class construction company has been completely 100% successfully resulting in the government of Syria being another of Skyway’s many very satisfied customers.